Technical Project for Rehabilitation of road III-811 “II-81 – Bogiovtsi – Slivnitsa – Rakita – Breznik”


Road III-811 connects two small towns and five villages with two regional cities – Sofia and Pernik. The total length is 42.520km. The purpose of the project is to improve technical performance and load-bearing capacity of the pavement and roadbed to improve traffic safety and ride comfort.


The length of the road is 42 520 km and the width varies between 5 and 10 m. 15 km of the entire length of the road will be rehabilitated and the other 25 km will be fully reconstructed.


The project also includes 14 bridges, which have been assessed for the condition and the reconstruction of the main elements of the structure will be made. 4 bridges will be made with new superstructure and one will be completely new.

Scope of project