Preliminary design for a third metro line in the section between MS III-5 and MS III-2 – partial update

REFERENCE: Metro Sofia 

Third Metro Line connects Northeast and Southwest parts of Sofia. The total length of this Metro Line is 16 km with 19 Metro Stations. Estimated load of the line is 170 000 passengers daily, and maximum train speed 80 km/h.

The updating of the preliminary design is necessary in connection with the investment intentions to amend the detailed development plan, where the metro stations become underground.

The project covers a metro route from km 4+307.53 to km  1+262.10 with a total length of 3045.43 m with three underground metro stations MS III-2, MS III-3 and MS III-4, as well as a section for turnover and warm reserve after MS III-2 to the east.

Metro stations consist of two platforms with a length of 105 meters. Two of the metrostations will have two vestibules, the third one have one vestibule.

The project includes 14 project parts: